Saturday, November 27, 2010

Small Business Saturday Apples

Since, it is Small Business Saturday I decided to pay tribute to a small business who inspired me to write about candy apples. What kid wouldn't like to own their own candy store, I can't agree with these owners more... their motto being "Life is short so, eat dessert first." I hope one day I have the courage to open up a store just like this one.  The Fudge Factory in Seaport Village, San Diego has been making fudge and candied apples for many years now and I would like to take this moment to  thank them for continuing the tradition of fudge and candied apples alive. 


  1. Hi! Stoppping by from MBC. Cool blog!

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  2. Love the Blog

  3. Also following via MBC. I love caramel peanut covered apples :)